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I, like the vast majority of Van Owners I’m sure, figured that my nearly new Van would have an adequate level of security straight out of the factory, right?…Catastrophic Fail!

Without being too specific the following equation disproves my initial theory on Van Security:

Screwdriver + Thieving Scumbag = Empty Damaged Van / Wrecked Business

I was shocked to learn that despite paying thousands for the most essential tool a tradesman will ever own, the mechanisms that are supposed to prevent crooks just walking away with thousands of pounds worth of tools & stock are no more secure than a cheap suitcase padlock.

The fact that many vans are broken into at night, right outside the owners bedroom window, is a testament to how flimsy these van locks really are.

Combine this with the sad fact that for many “tools or goods in transit” cover is not included in their overpriced Van insurance, and its not hard to realise the devastating effects of relying on factory fitted locks, to secure your livelihood.

Van Manufacturers should be ashamed of themselves!…But what can we do?

Fortunately quite a lot can be done to prevent against scum bag crooks ruining your life.

I googled van locks, and found a number of companies supplying various products that can turn your van into a virtual vault.

If like me your van was left with a big hole in the door near the handle, the good news is you don’t need a new door or expensive body work. Look no further than the Armaplate Sentinel. These are awesome for repairing the damage caused by a break in, they prevent further similar attacks, and are an obvious deterrent. Click here for more info on the Armaplate Sentinel.

To further bolster security, I chose to fit additional van deadlocks to all doors, so whenever I am away from my vehicle, I can literally “double-lock” my van. They are very neat once fitted as well as being another strong deterrent.

Couriers and multi-drop drivers should definitely consider Van Slam Locks. The benefits of this little security upgrade are they replace the flimsy waist of space factory fitted lock cylinders with a high security armored cylinder that cannot be forcibly removed. Secondly every time the door is closed it automatically locks, making it impossible to forget to lock your door, whilst saving valuable time locking your van each time as well.

There are a few sites out there that specialise in this type of aftermarket van security. Of the few I looked at, I found to be the best. Nice site, They also appeared the cheapest and offer high-end Thatcham Accredited locks which may help your insurance??

If you not too sure about fitting van locks yourself, there are even more companies that will fit them for you, I would definitely recommend using an MLA approved company though, who have to pass a series of exams to be accepted.

I was unlucky, but we all know “prevention is better than cure”…The smartest investment you will ever make is safeguarding your livelihood. Factory fitted van locks are not up to the job, and with a gazillion vans being broken into daily…you’d be a fool not too.

Hope this helps.


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